1. color celebration- have a party around the colors
  2. Christmas in July
  3. celebrate Canada Day!!!

  1. Cookie Monster and the letter C


  1. Who stole the Cookie from the Cookie jar?
  2. c music ideas
  3. clap to your favorite songs
  4. catcameback.pdf
  1. Crayon Cc from Adventures of a Flake
  2. Caterpillar C from No Time For Flashcards and another cute caterpillarfrom Crayons, Glue, and Scissors
starfall.com- letter c
Step-By-Step Letter C Activities
  1. chalk painting
  2. Cotton ball Cc
  3. Car tracks painting
  4. Cut with scissors
  5. Color with Crayons
  6. Play with Clay
  7. Cookies Art: Take a piece of construction paper. Tear off a sheet of tin foil that fits onto your paper and glue it down. Cut out five circles and have your child decorate them and glue them onto their cookie sheet.
  8. Coloured Corn
  9. Cereal Necklace
  10. Caterpillar C
  1. here's a cup
  2. here is the church, here is the steeple
cereal, letter C muffin tin meal, chocolate chip cookies, craisins, cantelope, cucumbers, carrots, Chili's, Crock-pot meal, clam chowder

Simple Snack Ideas: (taken from ABC and 123)
Celery sticks filled with cream cheese
Crackers and cheese
Corn on the cob: try painting with corn cobs too, they make very interesting textures
Make cupcakes and use frosting to "write" a C on top
Go on a C word hunt at the grocery store and find foods that begin with the letter C such as celery, cucumber, corn, and carrots and bring them home for a letter snack.

Clown Cake- use a rice cake for head, spread with softened cream cheese, use shredded carrots for hair, raisin eyes, and pitted cherry for nose. It makes an adorable, no-cook clown snack and your child can help!
  1. clam digging
  2. sidewalk chalk
  3. chase
  4. crab walk
  5. decorate a paper crown with the letter C
  6. dress up in costumes
Print out a C is for booklet here, or try this larger My Letter C book.
Cc template
Homeschool Creations shares her Letter C activities
  1. Caterpillar life cycle
  2. Clouds
  3. Grow Crystals
count cars
learn about the cylinder and circle
Adventures of a Flake
ABC and 123
No Time For Flashcards
Handmade Beginnings
the home teacher
The Fifth Street Palace
Holly A.