This is a page with some picnic ideas to celebrate the alphabet!!!
  1. ABC tater tots
  2. alphabet soup
  3. sugar cookies cut into letter shapes
  4. alphabits cereal
  5. invite friends to bring a food that starts with the first letter of their name
  1. letter match up games
  2. toss lowercase letters into paper bowls with uppercase letter written in the inside
  3. alphabet relay
  4. hide 26 letters throughout the backyard or a park- go on a letter hunt and collect!
  5. dance to some ABC music!
Alphabet Movement Cards
  1. use alphabet stickers to decorate plastic cups
  2. find an old sheet to use as your picnic blanket and with a fabric marker write (or have your child write) the ABCs. during lunch see if you can recognize all 26 letters!
abc movement cards.pdf
Body - exercise abc.pdf
jacs in action cards.pdf